BACHELOR OF Science Physics

The Department of Physics was established in the year 2015 at School of Science, RK University. Physics involves the study of matter and energy. Physics as a subject covers study of the elementary particle to the universe behavioral study with space and time. The goal of physics is to understand how thing works. Department of Physics offers courses in Material Science and Electronics for undergraduate, post graduate program and Ph.D. programs. Material science is branch of science which deals with the discovery of new materials in the form of either solid or liquid. Material Science is an interdisciplinary branch. One can synthesize new materials in the laboratory and study their physical, chemical, biological properties under some special conditions. Such materials can be useful for next generation. Physics with specialization in Material science has wide opportunities in research laboratories across world. UG/PG in Physics with specialization in Electronics has numerous opportunities to develop new electronic gadgets which finds applications in the field of electronics, embedded systems, telecommunication industries. UG/PG Students are also engaged in designing new circuits, analyzing circuit, information processing, signal processing and telecommunication systems.